BIG SAVINGS On Specialty And Brand Medications

Variable Copay™ leverages available dollars from manufacturers to minimize plan sponsor costs while reducing or preserving your members current copay.

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A Targeted Approach

Variable Copay™ is a revolutionary program designed to significantly reduce the cost of eligible specialty and brand medications by utilizing manufacturer-provided coupons.

With Variable Copay™, members’ out-of-pocket costs for prescription drugs may be reduced or eliminated by a drug manufacturer’s coupon and the remaining drug coupon dollars are used to offset the costs to the employer. Variable Copay™ is responsible for all administration, including patient enrollment, communications, capturing available dollars, and managing plan reporting.

How Variable Copay™ Works
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Variable Copay™ Cost Shift

*Example of drug and savings are approximate. Factors may influence affordability.

How Variable Copay™ Works

  • Variable Copay™ potentially reduces plan and member costs by utilizing manufacturer-provided coupons. After your out-of-pocket (OOP) is satisfied, the remaining dollars bring drug cost savings to your employer. The lack of accumulation protects the erosion of a High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) and Coinsurance Plan design.

  • Upon enrollment, a Variable Copay™ Network Pharmacy will communicate with you each month on reminders of your shipment and verification of address.

  • Your medication will arrive at your doorstep monthly via a shipping courier (UPS, FedEx, DHL) – approximately 5-7 days before your current medications are completed. Additionally, a Variable Copay™ Network Pharmacy will contact your prescribing physician when refills are needed.

  • Should you have any questions regarding your prescription fulfillment, please call (833) 439-9617 to speak with a Variable Copay™ Concierge.

How To Enroll

Enroll in Variable Copay™

  • Enrollment in Variable Copay™ is quick and simple. Please call (833) 439-9617 to speak with a dedicated Variable Copay™ Concierge.

  • Enrollment is available within the Southern Scripts mobile app. Download the Southern Scripts app today – freely available on iOS and Android. The Southern Scripts app provides convenient access to your pharmacy information, such as: digital ID card, Southern Scripts prescription history, drug price check, drug formulary search, pharmacy locator, Variable Copay™ enrollment, prior authorization reviews, + more.

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Numerous Specialty and Brand Drugs Have Manufacturer Coupons Available to Bring Value and Savings to You

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