BIG SAVINGS On Specialty And Brand Medications

Variable Copay™ leverages available dollars from manufacturers to minimize plan sponsor costs while reducing or preserving your members current copay.

A Targeted Approach

Variable Copay™ is a revolutionary program designed to significantly reduce the cost of eligible specialty and brand medications by utilizing manufacturer-provided coupons.

With Variable Copay™, members’ out-of-pocket costs for prescription drugs may be reduced or eliminated by a drug manufacturer’s coupon and the remaining drug coupon dollars are used to offset the costs to the employer. Variable Copay™ is responsible for all administration, including patient enrollment, communications, capturing available dollars, and managing plan reporting.

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Variable Copay™ Cost Shift

*Example of drug and savings are approximate. Factors may influence affordability.

How Variable Copay™ Works

  • Variable Copay™ potentially reduces plan and member costs by utilizing manufacturer-provided coupons. After your out-of-pocket (OOP) is satisfied, the remaining dollars bring drug cost savings to your employer. The lack of accumulation protects the erosion of a High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) and Coinsurance Plan design.

  • Upon enrollment, a Variable Copay™ Network Pharmacy will communicate with you each month on reminders of your shipment and verification of address.

  • Your medication will arrive at your doorstep monthly via a shipping courier (UPS, FedEx, DHL) – approximately 5-7 days before your current medications are completed. Additionally, a Variable Copay™ Network Pharmacy will contact your prescribing physician when refills are needed.

  • Should you have any questions regarding prescription fulfillment, your Variable Copay navigator will provide you with your new filling pharmacy’s contact information during enrollment. You will also find the filling pharmacy’s contact information on your prescription shipment.

    Below are our current Variable Copay™ network pharmacies:

    CRx Specialty Solutions Pharmacy
    (877) 646-1716

    Recept Pharmacy
    (817) 335-5712

    BioPlus Specialty Pharmacy
    (407) 830-8820

Enroll in Variable Copay™

  • Enrollment in Variable Copay™ is quick and simple. Please call (833) 439-9617 to speak with a dedicated Variable Copay™ Concierge.

  • Enrollment is available within the Southern Scripts mobile app. Download the Southern Scripts app today – freely available on iOS and Android. The Southern Scripts app provides convenient access to your pharmacy information, such as: digital ID card, Southern Scripts prescription history, drug price check, drug formulary search, pharmacy locator, Variable Copay™ enrollment, prior authorization reviews, + more.

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Numerous Specialty and Brand Drugs Have Manufacturer Coupons Available to Bring Value and Savings to You